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14 April 2008

Been awhile...

Found this for those of you who may still be undecided as to whom you should vote for. Take the short quiz and find out which candidate matches your views the best.

Take the Quiz

10 December 2006

When the education system fails

This is the recording of the incident.

This is an article describing the incident.

In short, it's a guy working for Verizon that has a little difficulty with mathematics, and a very patient customer trying to explain the issue.

16 November 2006

Fun factoids of the day

I love fun facts like these

Famous paintings that were copied from photographs

31 October 2006

Happy Halloween!

A few interesting lists, including 2 for Halloween...

Numbers on how the rich get richer and the rest of us get pissed off.

10 biggest computer flops of all time... talk about missing the bus.

Top 10 ghost pics ever taken... you decide.

Finally, thirteen (yes, lucky number 13!) bonified haunted places for your enjoyment.

26 October 2006

Just Reward

Had to share this because I thought it was so out of the ordinary... and honestly, who feels bad for this guy?

15 August 2006

Scientific curiosities

Learned a few things today...

Scientific facts!

Wonder if this would hurt?

Interesting alternative to locks on a canal

Very cool clock

Not exactly scientific, but nerdy nonetheless... all about shoelaces

13 August 2006

Linux tidbits Vol 2

Found an interesting, interactive site that will help put to rest the question of "What Linux distro is best for me?"

07 August 2006

Fun links for the day.

Caterpillar Infestation like nothing I've seen before

This will come in handy for my next Scrabble tournament

And for your geeky side... have fun with hackers that try to steal your internet

08 July 2006

Interesting stories of the week Vol 13

Had to share this awesome Etch-a-Sketch Art

One hell of a fireworks display when this factory goes up!

Farts are always funny

29 June 2006

Interesting stories of the week Vol 12

I know I've been slacking, so I skipped Vol 11 to make up for it.

Monks live in the coolest places

Sure beats the hell out of "wash me" written on your dirty car

Remember "Saved by the Bell?"
Help save Screech's house!

I guess Gnarls Barkley is one of the biggest acts going?
Cool video of Gnarls performing recently
I bet you didn't know Chewbacca could play the drums!

Wonder how many autos go over the cliff each year?

18 May 2006

Interesting stories of the week Vol 10

I'm not so sure anyone I work with was asked about this survey

Wow... imagine this on a third-world salary

Yet another great reason to buy an Apple

I was wondering why my hands were shaking over the weekend when my Internet was disconnected while we moved into our new house.

12 May 2006

Interesting stories of the week Vol 9

The World's largest scavenger hunt is back this weekend.

Here's the list of items

01 May 2006

Interesting stories of the week Vol 8

This is interesting... especially when you consider we don't even have state-wide cell phone coverage, which you'll know if you've ever talked to me as I drive more than 5 miles in any direction.

Very cool discovery

First good press W has had in quite some time... he made fun of himself at the White House Correspondents Dinner a few nights ago.

This video rocks... wonder if he had to practice that first?

26 April 2006

Trade a red paperclip for a house?

OK. Chalk this up on the list of "why couldn't I think of that?"
This guy is trading his way up from a red paperclip on his desk to a house!

CNET article about it
Kyle's web site

12 April 2006

Interesting stories of the week Vol 7

Yay... I made the list

Interesting from a geek point of view and that my company is doing the work -- Linky

Saw a quote today that grabbed my attention, and if it's even close to being true, it's impressive:
Apparently it has been estimates that up to one third of internet's traffic is caused by BitTorrent file-sharing program

If anyone is looking for a good internet calendar app that they can use to share their schedules amongst friends... here's a review of the best out there

Fact is stranger than fiction

09 April 2006

Random news

Been busy developing some web sites, so I've been bad about posting.
Interesting article about Linux being too fat
This is comforting: build your own bio-weapon from parts off of eBay

Geeks beware!

20 March 2006

Some geek ramblings

Nice OS comparison
I would love to have some of the tech highlighted here in my house

24 February 2006

Interesting stories of the week Vol 6

Maybe find some decent links on this list... List here.
Kids these days
When you need high-speed internet, you need high-speed internet!

24 January 2006

Interesting stories of the week Vol 5

Karma for the MPAA?
Good news for those of us who borrow music online.

16 January 2006

Interesting stories of the week Vol 4

Can you be completely anonymous on a computer?
These guys think so.
Bill Maher's New Rules
This is a disturbing study
We're getting closer to living forever!

08 January 2006

iPod accessories and other gadgets

iPod users should never be bored now... see this list
I think this is the coolest keyboard I've ever seen
Can't be an iPod killer by being more iPodish than the iPod?

05 January 2006

Interesting stories of the week Vol 3

Warp 6.2, ensign
Now us geeks don't have to void our hard drive warranties!

01 January 2006

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year's eve.
Interesting story regarding the new year, as some of you may have heard Dick Clark or other announcers mention... Click here for details.

15 December 2005

Link difficulties... fixed

I discovered that in my permalinks of older news items (archives to the left), my navigation menu wasn't showing up. I hadn't really noticed before because I never use the direct permalinks that often.
The fix simply required a tweak in my Blogger archiving settings to use index.PHP instead of index.HTML for the archive name. The navigation menu (and the rest of this site) is generated using a PHP include, and HTML doesn't read PHP.
Turns out I was also able to fix the 4 older posts by editing each one individually, without changing anything in the post, and re-publishing the blog. Blogger automatically changed the permalinks from HTML to PHP files.
Thought I'd share this discovery in case any other Blogger users are having a similar issue.

13 December 2005

Linux tidbits

Linus speaks out on the always heated "Gnome vs KDE" controversy.
More good news for Ubuntu fans.

09 December 2005

More stories

Holy cow, now even the gamers are outsourcing to China!
Problems viewing my web pages on a Mac?
Great news... Now you can read any RSS feed while sitting on the toilet!

05 December 2005

Interesting stories of the week Vol 2

OK, I know... not exactly a weekly post so far, but hey, I was on vacation!
I'll make a point of posting weekly at least from now on.

Microsoft.com's woes caused by Windows!
Good news for us caffeine addicts