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15 December 2005

Link difficulties... fixed

I discovered that in my permalinks of older news items (archives to the left), my navigation menu wasn't showing up. I hadn't really noticed before because I never use the direct permalinks that often.
The fix simply required a tweak in my Blogger archiving settings to use index.PHP instead of index.HTML for the archive name. The navigation menu (and the rest of this site) is generated using a PHP include, and HTML doesn't read PHP.
Turns out I was also able to fix the 4 older posts by editing each one individually, without changing anything in the post, and re-publishing the blog. Blogger automatically changed the permalinks from HTML to PHP files.
Thought I'd share this discovery in case any other Blogger users are having a similar issue.

13 December 2005

Linux tidbits

Linus speaks out on the always heated "Gnome vs KDE" controversy.
More good news for Ubuntu fans.

09 December 2005

More stories

Holy cow, now even the gamers are outsourcing to China!
Problems viewing my web pages on a Mac?
Great news... Now you can read any RSS feed while sitting on the toilet!

05 December 2005

Interesting stories of the week Vol 2

OK, I know... not exactly a weekly post so far, but hey, I was on vacation!
I'll make a point of posting weekly at least from now on.

Microsoft.com's woes caused by Windows!
Good news for us caffeine addicts