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26 April 2006

Trade a red paperclip for a house?

OK. Chalk this up on the list of "why couldn't I think of that?"
This guy is trading his way up from a red paperclip on his desk to a house!

CNET article about it
Kyle's web site

12 April 2006

Interesting stories of the week Vol 7

Yay... I made the list

Interesting from a geek point of view and that my company is doing the work -- Linky

Saw a quote today that grabbed my attention, and if it's even close to being true, it's impressive:
Apparently it has been estimates that up to one third of internet's traffic is caused by BitTorrent file-sharing program

If anyone is looking for a good internet calendar app that they can use to share their schedules amongst friends... here's a review of the best out there

Fact is stranger than fiction

09 April 2006

Random news

Been busy developing some web sites, so I've been bad about posting.
Interesting article about Linux being too fat
This is comforting: build your own bio-weapon from parts off of eBay

Geeks beware!